About Yes

Hello. We are Yes.

Yes is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and advertise around the world—via computer, tablet, and mobile phone. Yes connects advertisers and ad space owners directly and facilitates advertising and payments through its site. This allows ad buyers and sellers to form a direct relationship, but without the costs of using an in-house sales team or sales rep firm.

Ad space owners
Everyone has space to sell. Everyone—beginner to established publisher—can list and sell ad space and generate revenue by running advertisements on anything, anywhere, at any price. Space can be up in minutes and making money in no time.

Everyone can advertise. Yes makes it easy to reach the perfect audience at the right place, at the right time, through one channel or many—ensuring the best results, whether the campaign is local, widespread, or across the globe.

All kinds
Whether online or offline, like a tweet, podcast, or Bengaluru bike ad, a float in Rio’s Carnival, sponsoring the Mawazine festival, skywriting over London, carvertising Down Under, advertising in Times Square, magazines and newsletters, wallscapes and elevators, windows and balconies, kiosks and street furniture, tattoos and t-shirts—just about anything imaginable—Yes connects people to the best ad spaces and services, at any price, anywhere. And with top customer service and a growing community of users, Yes is the easiest way for people to showcase and sell their space to a worldwide audience.


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