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You can list your ad space for free and sell it to millions of advertisers. List any type of space, anywhere. It's free and easy.

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Receive ads from advertisers. Accept or decline ads for your space. You control everything.

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Get paid. Fast payouts direct to your bank account.

As easy as...

1. List your space

Create your listing. Create a profile for your ad space with some basic information and a few good photos. Let the world know you’re in business!

2. Accept ads

Receive ads from advertisers. Advertisers submit advertisements for your ad space, simply accept or decline the ads. It’s completely up to you.

3. Get paid

Get paid your way. Simple, seamless payments via PayPal, direct deposit, or others depending on your location. Your dashboard includes a detailed breakdown of your earned income.

You control everything

Listing management

Enjoy full control and customization, seamless payments and freedom over what you charge.

Booking system

Sell your space at your own pace. Set and forget or control every aspect of how, when, and to whom it’s available.

Prices and fees

Customize to your needs. Set prices you feel good about. You can add fees upfront and charge for extra services.

Yes is worldwide, 24/7—anyone and any business, anywhere, can easily
add a space to the marketplace and generate income. Get started today!

Frequently asked questions

How do I list on Yes?

Listing is fast, easy, and free:

1. Register (top of this page).
2. Once registered, go here or click “Add New Listing” in dropdown menu (top right).
3. Complete the Add New Listing form to publish your ad space on the marketplace to a worldwide audience.

Tip: Enhance it with the great photos and a well written description.

How do the payments work?

When you click the Instant Booking button on an ad space listing, the amount of the ad space is placed on a temporary hold. If the ad space owner accepts your advertisement, the funds are transferred to the space owner. If the space owner declines your ad or does not respond, the hold is released and the funds are returned. We use both PayPal and Stripe to process payments.

When do I receive payment?

When you accept an ad, the funds are transferred within 48 hours. Your money is directly transferred to your bank account. Your dashboard includes a detailed, up-to-date breakdown of your earned income.

How should I choose my ad space price?

The price you charge for your listing is completely up to you. To help you decide, we recommend you view comparable listings in your area to get an idea of market prices. Remember that you can always adjust your price at any time. We plan to add a Smart Pricing tool which will let you set your prices to automatically go up or down based on changes in demand for listings like yours.

If you want some help, our global team is here to support you 24/7. The team can help you with everything from creating your listing to customizing your account.

Who can list?

Anyone, anywhere, can list an ad space or many ad spaces. And it’s always free to create a listing.

Yes is a global community marketplace. Yes has no limits on geography—from the skies and seas to Timbuktu—and is open to virtually all types of advertising, budgets from $1 up, and any number or variety of listings.

With an open marketplace, people from all over the world can unlock and monetize something valuable they already have and join in the marketplace.

How do I communicate with advertisers?

You can communicate with advertisers or any user through our messaging system. Messaging on Yes starts when an advertiser makes an inquiry or submits an advertisement. An indication notice will display every time you have a new or unread message. Afterward, all messages related to that inquiry or ad submission will appear in your inbox.

If a message makes you feel uncomfortable or someone tries to pay outside Yes, click the flag icon next to it to let us know.

How do I add an ad space type that isn't listed yet?

Thank you for your interest in adding a new type of advertising to Yes. A truly open marketplace welcomes every type of ad space, which in turn creates a truly unique platform.

Here’s how: When listing your space, select “Other” when selecting the Ad Space Type. This will create a new type of ad space on Yes.

What if I accept an advertisement, but then don't use it?

Contact us and we’ll do our best to resolve it with the advertiser. Note that the advertiser’s payment will be returned.


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