Make a living from inviting friends to Yes.

Get 5% of the first sale from each referral and 1% of every sale thereafter.

  • Earn a passive income helping friends make money.
  • How much you make is up to you. Sky’s the limit!
  • Invite as many people as you like. More people, more rewards.

Simply invite your friends to Yes by sharing your invite link via email, social media or SMS. Your invite link is your unique code you receive when signing up.

How it works
Invite your friends. When an invited friend signs up and places an ad via Yes—you’ll get 5% of that ad buy. If your friend lists an ad space and an advertiser places an ad on it—you’ll get 5% of that ad space sale. Whether your invited friend advertises, sells ad space, or both—you’ll get 5% of the first sale for each referral and 1% of every sale from then on.  Referral program terms.  To add listings in bulk, contact us.


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